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Firstly we would like to thank you for the patience you have shown during the lock-down period. The circumstances we find ourselves in has been less than ideal, we understand that many of our patients have tolerated significant pain and discomfort over this period. We ourselves have found it incredibly limiting to not be able to offer the kind of help and service we would normally be able to provide. 


As you may already be aware, there has been a recent news announcement regarding the re-opening of dental surgeries. NHS England have now confirmed that dental practices can provide face-to-face patient care from the 8th June. What was not publicly announced was that this re-opening and the type of services that can be provided is subject to meeting certain healthcare standards with regards to maintaining patient and staff safety.


The current Covid-19 situation has forced many businesses to adapt in order to operate safely; the practice of dentistry is no different in that respect and must adapt to ensure we are able to provide you with safe dental treatment. Much has been reported on the importance and demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and  Cross-Infection Control Protocols in a healthcare environment. These issues hold the utmost precedence in our plan for re-opening. Please try to understand that we have received the news of the re-opening at the same time as reported in the media and therefore will be working very hard within this short time-frame to ensure that we will be able to provide you with dental services as soon as possible.


We are currently working with our suppliers to ensure we have the appropriate PPE available so that we can carry out dental treatment safely, but as anticipated, with global shortages due to the increase in demand for certain PPE items, that this may take some time to resolve.  Henceforth the 8th June date announced is an arbitrary guidance from when dental practices should open, whereas in actuality it may only be legally possible to open sometime after this date.  


What this means for you as patients at Toebridge Dental Practice is that you could initially see varying levels of treatments and services made available. This has been the case across the board for all healthcare services including hospitals, where non-emergency and non-essential treatments have been deferred. This means that routine check-ups may initially be deferred in order to prioritise the existing 2-month backlog of emergency and mid-treatment patients. Please do not take this as a statement of intent that we will not be addressing any issues you may be experiencing. Our staff will always be there to assist and advise appropriately if you should experience any issues. We are fully aware of all the patients that have contacted us during the lockdown period due to an emergency, patients that have incomplete treatment due to the suspension of all routine dentistry as well as those awaiting routine checkups and hygienist appointments. Please rest assured that you have not been forgotten, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment within an appropriate time-frame. 


We kindly request that  you continue to gift us the same patience you have afforded us up until this point. Your email has been noted and we will strive to update you as soon as we can. 


Kind regards
Toebridge Dental Practice



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